Videos for Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers

Resources have been developed for Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers working with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities. Information is provided with key sexually transmitted infection (STI) and blood borne virus (BBV) data and with tips for addressing common barriers to testing.

Health professionals who are new to working in remote communities can find the context challenging, and be unsure of cultural sensitivities. To assist we have produced videos providing background on the STIs and blood borne viruses affecting remote communities. The videos include information on epidemiology, with experienced Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers sharing their strategies for normalising offering testing, communicating with young people about sexually transmitted infections, sex and sexuality issues. © SAHMRI 2018

HIV Testing: Don’t be shame to test

Rapid Syphilis Testing

The Basics of STI testing in remote Australia

For further information about national and state STI guidelines check out our page Clinical guidelines and practice manuals

Test For Syphilis and HIV with STI Screen

Offer All Young People STI and BBV Testing in Remote Communities

Clinicians Sharing Strategies for Offering STI and BBV Testing in Remote Communities

The Clinician’s Role in Stopping Syphilis