TV ads

Phase 2 of the Young Deadly Syphilis Free campaign was launched on 9 September 2018, with two new TV commercials screening in syphilis outbreak areas across Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia. The TV commercials aired until March this year as part of Phase 1 of the campaign will be broadcast again as part of Phase 2.

New commercials, screening from 9 September

The first of our new TVCs is a powerful message from community members about syphilis and the importance of testing


The second one is a shortened version of our original syphilis animation cut to fit TV advertising time and standards.

Original commercials

For phase 1 two TV ads  were produced as a key component of the Syphilis Campaign. These ads were screened through to March 2018 in regions affected by the syphilis outbreak.

The ads were built around the two stories featured in the syphilis campaign, and aimed to raise communities’ awareness of the need to test for syphilis and other STIs.

The first ad focuses on getting tested for syphilis.

The second focuses on the potential risks of syphilis during pregnancy and again, promotes syphilis testing, with a young couple reflecting on the loss of their baby due to undiagnosed syphilis.