Social media

Social media is integral to the campaign, with social media platforms used as information hubs for young people to learn about and discuss STIs and testing, chat about issues and participate in the campaign.

Young, deadly, syphilis free Social Media Ambassadors have been recruited to engage directly with young people in each of the campaign zones, utilising social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram and Diva Chat. Ambassadors’ posts will include news of the campaign and its progress at local levels, using the most popular social media in each zone.

The Ambassadors will also provide regular updates to key influencers in each of their regions on campaign milestones (such as launch events, TV ads, Q&A chat), so that they can support the delivery of key campaign messages.

We are working with Telstra backed Diva Chat to promote the Young, deadly, syphilis free campaign. Diva Chat is one of the most popular instant messaging chat services for young people living in remote Aboriginal communities and data has shown that this is a common place for young people in remote communities to meet each other.

In engaging with young people, the Ambassadors will utilise resources developed for the campaign, such as animations, as well as factsheets developed for young people as part of the concurrent and complementary Remote STI and BBV Project.