Videos for Elders & other adults

The team at Young Deadly Free has been busy creating new videos with communities across Australia. These videos aim to help you when you’re yarning with young people about sexual health issues.

We have worked with local people in all the locations we have visited. You might be surprised to know that most of the time the people you see acting haven’t had any acting experience before! The communities and the people we have met have been very welcoming and giving of their time and knowledge and we are very thankful to all those involved on and off the camera.

We hope you enjoy watching and sharing the videos with your family, friends and work colleagues. We also have more videos for young people here.

Empowering our communities to talk about sexual health

Yarning with our young mob about men’s and women’s business
Ever wanted to talk to your kids, nieces or nephews about sex and relationships but weren’t sure where to start? These videos are for you! Hear from other Aboriginal and Torres Strait people about their experiences and ways of yarning. This is a 9 part series aimed at encouraging and supporting parents, guardians and other family members to yarn with the youth in their family about sexual health.

  • Why should we talk about it with youth? 1:52mins
  • How did you learn about sex? 1:52mins
  • When should we talk about it? 1:56mins
  • Showing them that we care 1:50mins
  • Different things we yarn about 1:46mins
  • Diverse sexuality & gender 1:56mins
  • How to yarn about it 2:00mins
  • Whose role is it? 1:54mins
  • Don’t be shame to seek support 1:54mins

Watch all 9 videos here.

Supporting Our LGBTIQ Youth

For young people and their support networks, this video explores some diverse experiences in how to stay mentally healthy and how to support and look after rainbow youth.

Tips on Educating Youth about Sexual Health

Sexual health education is important.

Research indicates that effective relationships and sexuality education can help young people delay the onset of sexual activity, reduce the frequency of sexual activity, reduce the number of sexual partners, and increase condom and contraceptive use
– SHQ Position Statement

We all have a part to play: Sexual Health Across Sectors

Do you work with youth on a regular basis? You are probably in a great position to provide vital basic sexual health information to your clients. The rapport you have likely positions you as a person who has influence on the youth you work with. At Young Deadly Free we believe everyone has a role play in educating our young people and keeping them free from STIs and BBVs.

The Bigger Picture in First Nations Sexual Health: Exploring the broader issues

Sexual health is complex. There are multiple factors and issues that can impact and influence a person and their decision about their sexual health. This video digs a bit deeper in to some of those factors and may be useful to use in consultations with the community as a way to get them thinking about what factors impact them and their young people locally.

Facts about Sexually Transmitted Infections

STIs are really common in our youth so its important that all our mob know about them, so we can protect ourselves and our communities.

Bridging the gap between adults and youth

The Young Deadly Free project interviewed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across regional and remote Australia. A reoccurring issue that people raised was a concern about the disconnect between adults and youth. We hope this video inspires communities to acknowledge that disconnect and find way to work together to bridge that gap and make our communities stronger and unified. The more connected we are, the easier it is to talk about and tackle difficult issue like sexual health.

Everyone can do their bit, Our adults support our young people by…

The Syphilis outbreak in Australia has now been occurring in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities since 2011. Government, clinics, communities and individuals all have a role to play to end the outbreak. These videos showcase how some people are doing their part to help. Hopefully they give you some ideas about how you can help too.

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