Young Deadly Free February 2019 Newsletter

Young Deadly Free Health Promotion Collection

Have you seen the new Young Deadly Free health promotion videos or the new look Young Deadly Free posters?  Don't wait any longer, they are all on our website:

All of our posters can be downloaded for printing locally. Our posters are great to put up in any Aboriginal organisation in your community, so feel free to share them around within your community and among your family and friends.

Our videos are also available for downloading also but if you have trouble downloading these let us know and we can send them to you on a packed USB. The videos range in length from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. There are videos to show community members as either conversation starters or for education sessions, or for training staff - particularly for induction and orientation.

Within our video collection we have different series of videos.

“Young Deadly and Free” from STIs and BBVs is important for our communities.

“Young Deadly and Free” is  a collection of 6 videos featuring our mob! They have some great information, feature great people, with some good humour for our communities. Click on the link   to watch all of the Young Deadly and Free from STI's and BBV's video clips.

Talkin True Series

The “Talkin’ True” series contains everyday community people helping to get the word out about the importance of STI testing, using condoms and talking about STIs and BBVs. Click on the link below to see the full collection of Talkin True:

Speak up. Listen. Support Series

We are always learning and, there is always someone that can help us when we have a tricky situation or question. Sexual health is something we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about and seek help for. So don’t be shame; Speak up, Listen and Support each other today! If you want to watch more videos like this just click on the link below:

Everyone can do their bit…

These videos showcase how some people are doing their part to help. They might even give you some ideas about how you can help too. See all of the "Everyone can do their bit" videos by clicking on the link:

Our young people are taking responsibility by...

These videos showcase how some people are doing their part to help. Hopefully they give you some ideas about how you can help too. Watch more videos like this by clicking on the link below:

Our adults support our young people by...

These videos showcase how some people are doing their part to help. You might even get some ideas about how you can help too. Click on the link to see the full collection.


Click on the link to see the full range of Young Deadly Free posters:


Our infographics are easy to read and we have included a wide range of subjects. We aim to get our key messages out to young people and others in a fresh, engaging way. Click on the link to see all of our Young Deadly Free Infographics:

These infographics and many more can be downloaded and printed locally for use in the community - in community health education sessions, in school sex education, and in other settings such as prisons.


Young Deadly Free fact-sheets are available, covering each of the STI's and blood borne viruses affecting young people in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. All of our fact-sheets are available in two formats – a longer form and a shorter form outlining “the basics”. The fact-sheets are designed to be easily accessible for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and can be used by clinicians, elders. parents and others in the community working with young people. You can find all of our fact-sheets here:

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Young Deadly Free December 2018 Newsletter

New Young Deadly Free Resources?

The Young Deadly Free team have had a really busy year engaging with community and developing some really deadly culturally specific resources for our mob.

Our video resources are divided into the following categories:

  • Being “Young Deadly and Free” from STIs and BBVs is important for our communities.
  • Talkin’ True
  • Speak up. Listen. Support.
  • Everyone can do their bit… and
  • Our adults support our young people by .....

Click on the links below to see the full collection.

New Posters:

New Television Commercials: Listen up and Risky

From our mob, for our mob video messages:

A reminder to please share our resources especially if you are working with young people to raise awareness of the campaign and of syphilis.

Increasing Testing in your Community

Have you considered running a testing campaign in your community targeting young people.  Outreach family days, youth clinics and opportunistic testing have all had previous success in improving testing outcomes among young people.

Don't forget all of our resources are available for your use, this includes our new television commercials, our videos, new animations on syphilis, posters and our info-graphics.

All resources are free and can be downloaded from our website under the Resource tab:

Infectious syphilis outbreak Surveillance Report

This surveillance report summarises the outbreak epidemiological data as of 30 September 2018

2018-2022 National Strategy

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy 2018–2022:

Social Media

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Young Deadly Free Staff would like to wish you all a Safe & Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019

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