Get Tested

You can get tested for STIs at your local health clinic. Just ask the health worker or doctor.

The all good website includes a ‘find a service tab’ to find a local doctor, clinic or a testing centre that provides STI and BBV testing.

Getting Tested

You should get tested:

    • Whenever you have a health check
    • If you have a new partner
    • If you have been having sex with different people without using condoms
    • If you have been sharing injecting or tattooing equipment.

Get tested at least every six to 12 months, even if you always use a condom – or usually do.

Condoms can break and condoms don’t protect against all STIs.

Don’t be shame. We need to get STI rates down in our community. Getting tested is looking after your health and helping the community knockout STIs.

  • STIs can happen to anyone
  • STIs can be treated
  • Health workers can help explain treatment.

Better to Know

Better to Know is a website for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women. It provides detailed information on STIs and BBVs, and on getting tested– in two sections, Men’s Business and Women’s Business. You can organise to be sent a reminder SMS to have a sexual health check. You can also use the website to notify recent sex partners that they need to have a sexual health check. This can be done anonymously – they won’t know that it was you that sent the message. The clinic can help you with this.

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