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This section provides useful resources to enhance clinical practice in remote communities, with a focus on engaging with young people on the need to test regularly for STIs and BBVs.

These resources can assist in orientation of temporary locum staff and new recruits, as well as in training and professional development.

Working in remote communities can be challenging for clinicians – especially when faced with the shame and stigma that can be associated with discussing sex, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses, and associated issues such as drug and alcohol use.

An important component of the campaign is ensuring that clinicians working with young people in remote health services are supported.

Clinicians who are new to working in remote and very remote communities can be shocked that young people are at risk of syphilis, and find the clinical context challenging. Aware of the need to encourage regular STI testing, including for syphilis, clinicians can be reluctant to offer testing because of uncertainty about cultural sensitivities.

We’ve produced videos to support services in the induction, training and professional development of clinical staff. The videos include information on epidemiology, with experienced clinicians sharing insights into best practice in communicating with young people regarding STI and BBV risk behaviours, sex and sexuality issues, and normalising sexual health checks.

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