Fact Sheets

Factsheets on each of the STIs and BBVs affecting young people in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are available in two formats – a longer form, as well as a shorter form outlining “the basics”.

There are also Factsheets on what’s involved in getting tested for STIs and BBVs.

These Factsheets are designed to be accessible for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are provided in PDF so they can be printed and used by educators and clinicians working with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To ensure best quality printing of the Factsheets, download and save the Factsheets you want before printing.

If you would like to use Young Deadly Free resources please see our copyright page. 

Factsheets are available for download or we can send USB with copies to your community, please contact us at youngdeadlyfree@uq.edu.au.

Young Deadly Free is a project by the University of Queensland Poche Centre for Indigenous Health (formerly the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute). © UQ POCHE 2024

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