For Elders, Parents and Other Adults

Everyone in the community can play a part in preventing STIs and BBVs—elders, parents and carers, youth workers, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders—anyone who plays a role in supporting and guiding young people.

Providing support to young people in looking after their sexual health starts with:

  • being informed about the STIs and BBVs that are affecting our community
  • understanding the issues for young people especially in dealing with emerging sexuality, social issues, shame, stigma and fear of disclosing these issues. If you’re informed then you can help others.

Talking to young people about sexual health issues and sex and other related issues such as drug and alcohol use can be difficult. Young people often want advice or guidance but find it hard to ask due to shame, stigma or fear of being judged.

Or they may ask but you feel embarrassed yourself and don’t know how to keep the conversation going.

This section provides resources to assist elders, parents, youth workers, teachers and other community leaders to help prevent and lead efforts to fight stigma and shame that can prevent young people getting tested and treated for STIs and BBVs.

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