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The team at Young Deadly Free has been busy creating new videos with communities across Australia. The videos aim to get our key messages out to young people and others in a fresh, engaging way.

We have worked with local people in all the locations we have visited. You might be surprised to know that most of the time the people you see acting haven’t had any acting experience before! The communities and the people we have met have been very welcoming and giving of their time and knowledge and we are very thankful to all those involved on and off the camera.

We hope you enjoy watching and sharing the videos with your family, friends and work colleagues. If you wish to use Young Deadly Free resources please see our copyright page. Videos are available for download or we can send USBs with hard copies to your community, please contact us at

Our videos have been organised in to a variety of suites. Access specific suites by clicking the following links or keep scrolling to view them all.

Our new videos cover a range of topics crucial to promoting sexual health and well-being among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in urban and regional areas.

These nine new videos have been informed by an expert advisory group who have met over the last year. Video topics include diverse relationships, gender, sexuality, young men being tested, pornography, respectful relationships, consent, stigma and shame and STIs can affect everyone.

Get Tested, No Matter What Relationship

Walk alongside Ben and Tess, as they yarn about both getting an STI test. Discover the ins and outs of their casual relationship and why talking openly is key to keeping them both safe and healthy.

Safe Sex is For Everyone

Join Laura as she packs for her Schoolies trip with her older sister Amber. As they yarn about the importance of practicing safe sex for all genders and sexualities, highlighting the significance of leaning on those close to you and having open conversation about sexual health and wellbeing.

Fullas, New Partner, New Test Every time

Join Jack and his buddas on the basketball court. As they take a break the conversation unfolds, and they discuss the importance of regular STI testing and how it is a crucial step in protecting themselves and their relationships.

Porn is Not Real, Talk to Your Buddas

Join Jason and his older brother Ryan as they yarn about the realistic aspects of safe and healthy sexual relationships and how pornography is not a reliable resource.

Respect Your Relationships, Sharing is Not Caring

After their footy game Brandon boasts about his relationship with Kelly to his mates and flaunts her intimate photos. Tom and others confront Brandon about his disrespectful behaviour and yarn about the importance of showing your partner respect.

There is No Such Thing as a Gammin Question

There is nothing to be shame about, there is no such thing as a gammin question.

Get Tested, It’s Good for Everyone

Follow all the mob as they break down the stigma and shame surrounding sexual health and wellbeing.

Know, When No Means No, Consent is Key

James and Tom find themselves alone at party and things start to get intimate. James has second thoughts and takes a step back. Tom recognises James’s change in behaviour and reassures him that his boundaries changing is okay.

STIs Can Affect Everyone, It’s Nothing to Be Shame About

While Leo nervously waits at a sexual health service for a STI test, he realises getting a STI test is nothing to be shame about.

Blackfisch (@blkfschstories) produced the Young Deadly Free Urban and Regional videos. Blackfisch is a majority Indigenous-owned and operated creative agency based in Sydney, NSW.

The good, the bad, the ups and downs… an honest look at relationships, sex, partying and learning from our mistakes along the way. Through it all, we look after each other… This Is Us.

Episode 1: Change the Game                                     
 Episode 2: Trust Each Other
Episode 3: Make It Good

Being “Young Deadly and Free” From STIs and BBVs is Important For Our Communities

Young Deadly Free: Contact Tracing   
Young Deadly Free: Condoman Saves the Day
Young Deadly Free: STI Checks, Easier Than You Think! 
Young Deadly Free: Condoms First
Young Deadly Free: I Gotta Tell You Guys Something… 
 Young Deadly Free: I’m going to be the best dad

Anyone can help share sexual health facts! That’s what “Talkin’ True” is all about; everyday community people helping to get the word out about the importance of STI testing, using condoms and talking about STIs and BBVs.

Talkin’ True: Mechanic
Talkin’ True: Crystal Love
Talkin’ True: Football hero 
Talkin’ True: Coffee shop staff
Talkin’ True: Radio Presenter
 Talkin’ True: Sistagirl

We are always learning and, there is always someone that can help us when we have a tricky situation or question. Sexual health is something we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about and seek help for. So don’t be shame; Speak up, Listen and Support each other today!

Speak up. Listen. Support. Keep your baby safe 
Speak up. Listen. Support. Gossip girls
Speak up. Listen. Support. You Might Have a STI Mate! 
Speak up. Listen. Support. Don’t forget to be safe
Speak up. Listen. Support. I’m Worried About My Son 
Speak up. Listen. Support. You got any condoms?
Speak up. Listen. Support. Have You Had Any Antenatal Care?

For young people and their support networks, this video explores some diverse experiences in how to stay mentally healthy and how to support and look after rainbow youth.

Supporting Our LGBTIQIA+ Youth

Everyone can do three simple things to help:

  1. #TalkaboutSTIsBBVs: Talk about STIs and BBVs with your family and friends.
  2. #UseCondoms: Use condoms and water based lubricant every time when you have sex.
  3. #GetTested: Get tested regularly (at least once a year) for STIs and BBVs. If you haven’t had a test recently, get tested today.

Antenatal Care: Taking Care of Yourself, Your baby and each other 

 Rapid Syphilis Testing
Youth Yarn About Syphilis 
Our communities yarn about syphilis

Youth yarn about… is a video series for youth with the voices of youth.

Youth yarn about… looking after each other when it comes to sexual health and STI testing
Youth yarn about… when is the best time to have sex?
Youth yarn about… when is the best time to have children?   
Youth yarn about… what jealousy does to a relationship
Youth yarn about… what makes a health relationship     
Youth yarn about… overcoming shame in sexual health
Youth yarn about… sexually transmitted infections
Youth yarn about… How to get over the shame of STI testing

When it comes to learning about your body and your health there are no stupid questions. Here on “You can ask that” youth will ask sexual health questions some of the questions you might be too shame to ask yourself.

You can ask that – episode 1
 You can ask that – episode 2
You can ask that – episode 3
Sabien Takes Responsibility 
 Patreace Encourages Young People 
Larissa’s message is… 
Erin encourages young people   
 Jessie is taking responsibility 
Mahala takes responsibility by…
Richard takes responsibility 
Rikki takes responsibility by…   
Keenan takes responsibility 
Michael takes responsibility
Gemma takes responsibility
Elijah takes responsibility
Richard is taking responsibility by… 
Warlu is taking responsibility by… 
Dreylin is taking responsibility by… 
Jaylene is taking responsibility by…
Bernard is taking responsibility by…
Andrew is taking responsibility by…
Nanu is taking responsibility by… 
Callum takes responsibility by…
Eli is taking responsibility by…
Andrea is taking responsibility by…
Vayda is taking responsibility by… 
Hayley is taking responsibility by…

Young Deadly Free is a project by the University of Queensland Poche Centre for Indigenous Health (formerly the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute). Videos produced by Our Generation Media, 2018.

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