Young Deadly Free: How to have healthy relationships

This Is Us is a series of three videos, each 8–10 minutes long. The series is built around the lived realities of young people in contemporary Australian society, with a focus on the lives of young Aboriginal people. The videos were made specifically as educational videos, to support health workers in discussing sexual health with young people in communities, and for young people in upper high school and would be a powerful tool for teachers/aides in facilitating RSE discussion. The films focus on young Aboriginal people but have broad appeal to all young South Australians in this age group.

Schools provide an opportunity to reach young people who may not otherwise access STI/BBV prevention messaging other than via social media; and allowing exploration of issues at a deeper level than is possible through social media.

The This Is Us series’ subject matter is suited to discussion in a school based setting:

  • Episode 1 | Change The Game: male football training, relationships, responsible drinking, sexting, trouble with the law;
  • Episode 2 | Trust Each Other: female focused, netball, relationships, drinking underage;
  • Episode 3 | Make It Good: male and female; time out from drinking; supportive friendships.
Episode 1: Change the Game                                     
 Episode 2: Trust Each Other
Episode 3: Make It Good

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