Young Deadly Free: How to have healthy relationships lesson plans & handouts

Lesson 1 Identifying relationships and behaviours (PDF:2.17MB)
Lesson 2 Healthy relationships yarning circle (PDF:903KB)
Lesson 3 Healthy relationships barometer (PDF:736KB)

Handout 1.1 Definition of “relationships” (PDF:663KB)
Handout 1.2 Characters, Roles and Behaviours episode 1 (PDF:256KB)
Handout 1.3 The web of relationships in This Is Us (PDF:503KB)
Handout 1.4 Being the boss of my own body means (PDF:467KB)
Handout 1.5 Healthy Relationship Strengths Cards (PDF:1MB)
Handout 1.6 Respectful & Disrespectful signs (PDF:601KB)
Handout 1.7 This Is Us: Is it respectful or disrespectful? (PDF:32KB)

Lesson 1 Character analysis (PDF:1.11MB)
Lesson 2 Relationship web & yarning circle (PDF:896KB)
Lesson 3 Support services investigation (PDF:446KB)
Lesson 4 Protect yourself (PDF:731KB)

Handout 2.1 Characters, Roles and Behaviours episode 2 (PDF:241KB)
Handout 2.2 The web of relationships in This Is Us (PDF:495KB)
Handout 2.3 Healthy Relationship Strengths Cards (PDF:1MB)

Lesson 1 Character analysis (PDF:6486KB)
Lesson 2 Poster development (PDF:716KB)
Lesson 3 Creative intervention (PDF:1.17MB)
Lesson 4 Role-play scenarios (PDF:716KB)

Handout 3.1 Advertising Health Poster (PDF:31KB)
Handout 3.2 Strengths in me and my community (PDF:221KB)
Handout 3.3 Talkin’ True: Key Messages (PDF:497KB)
Handout 3.4 Film roles required to make Talkin’ True (PDF:312KB)

Lesson 1 Know the risk (PDF:9.90MB)
Lesson 2 Resilience (PDF:717KB)

Handout 4.1 BBV Risk Factors cards (PDF:40KB)
Handout 4.2 BBV Factsheets (PDF:9MB)

Teacher background information (PDF:320KB)
Establishing a group agreement (PDF:663KB)
Contraception discussion guide (PDF:313KB)
Anatomy story (PDF:3.86MB)

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