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About the program

This unit of lessons has been written to support educators working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, particularly those living in remote communities. This unit of lessons explores identifying safe places and people, and seeking help; respectful relationships; exploring consensual sex; all about STIs and protecting yourself from STIs; and barriers to testing: shame, through short videos and resources created by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Schools provide a safe place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait youth where rapport has already been established between students and teachers; this is integral in delivering sexual health information to youth. Schools also provide a “captive” audience of young people who are already in a learning environment. Students who are engaged in school and are receiving quality Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) are able to pass on accurate sexual health knowledge to their peers.

Teachers with little or no experience running RSE through to RSE experts should be able to pick up and run this program. Our background information steps you through how to set up your RSE program from start to finish keeping you and your students safe and engaged. It is designed to be run as one lesson per week over eight weeks but is flexible enough to be run in other ways if needed.

Background of the Young Deadly Free resources

Culturally appropriate web-based and print resources on STIs and BBVs for young people were developed. The resources include videos, animations, factsheets, infographics, posters, and TV and radio ads.

The key messages of these resources focus on STI and BBV testing and treatment, and the need to address the stigma and shame that can be associated with discussing sex and sexuality. There is also a set of factsheets on sex and the law.

Schools provide an opportunity to reach young people who may not otherwise access STI/BBV prevention messaging other than via social media; and allowing exploration of issues at a deeper level than is possible through social media.

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